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Sports and Activites
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Welcome to RVIS

Dear Parents and Student-Athletes,

On behalf of the RVIS administration and the RVIS athletic department, I welcome you to another exciting year of Dolphin Athletics.

The RVIS Athletic Program has continued to grow over the past few years. The growth has enabled us to develop a very good reputation and become a competitive member in the local and international leagues/conferences that we participate in. The RVIS Athletic Dept. and administration understands and supports the importance of co-curricular activities. We understand that through athletics, student-athletes gain an opportunity to learn and demonstrate sportsmanship, cooperation, leadership, teamwork and resilience. Through our high quality athletic program student-athletes will challenge themselves to be the best, while ensuring good sportsmanship is always at the forefront of what they do.

RVIS competes annually in the Bahrain Primary Sports League (BPSL), the Bahrain Secondary Sports League (BSSL) and the OASIS Activity Conference (OAC). In addition we will be hosting the Middle East Unity Cup (MEUC) events on our Campus. All of these opportunities allow RVIS student- athletes to compete in a high quality environment, both locally and internationally.

This year has seen some new initiatives; students have competed in weekly Intra-mural sports and activities, available through our IGNITE days. Our Dolphin Swim program, catering for all levels of swimmers; from beginners to advanced, has flourished through our partnership with the North Pole Sports Foundation. We continue to explore ways of offering further extra-mural opportunities to our students

As a parent of a RVIS student-athlete you automatically become a member of the Dolphin Booster Club. The Dolphin Booster Club is a volunteer parent group which donates its time and resources to assist the athletic program any way it can. I encourage parents to become involved with the Dolphin Booster Club and would welcome the opportunity to chat with anyone that is interested.

Thank you sincerely for your support of the Athletic Program at RVIS.

Go Dolphins!


Mr. Marcus Waudby

Director of Athletics and Co-Curricular

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